Therapies & Fees


Hypnotherapy uses hypnosis to treat conditions or change habits. I write bespoke scripts which helps maximise the success rate. 

If you think of the mind as being like an Iceberg the 'tip' represents the conscious mind, and 'below the water line', the unconscious mind. The conscious mind is concerned with logic, rational decision making ( What should I wear today ?) and consequences. The unconscious mind (sometimes referred to as the subconscious) is concerned with emotion, memory, symbolism, dreaming and automatic functions (eg. breathing) and behaviours (eg. habits). The conscious mind draws on the memories and information stored in the unconscious mind to make its decisions. If a piece of information or an experience is misfiled, or out of context, or misunderstood in some way it may feed the conscious mind in ways which are unhelpful. this is how harmful habits, phobias or damaging belief systems are formed. During hypnosis the unconscious part of the mind is accessed and the stored information is up dated and belief systems challenged. The conscious mind is then able to use this healthier source of information on which to base its decision making. This is how agreed change comes about, it is how people achieve their potential. Neuro Linguistic programming ( NLP) helps you gain greater understanding of how you organise your thoughts, feelings,language and behaviour. Hypnotherapy and NLP work well together.


I work with children over 7 years of age, accompanied by a responsible adult. Those 16 years and under require a consent slip signed by a parent or guardian.

Hypnotherapy and NLP may help with anxiety and worrying; confidence and self-esteem; damaging habits; fears and phobias; OCD; panic attacks; stop smoking; trauma and PTSD; stress; weight management; early stages of dementia and other related conditions.

It is not suitable for those with epilepsy, psychosis, type 1 diabetes or a serious heart problem. If in doubt please consult your G.P.

Costs :- £35 per session, if more than four sessions are required fees are £25 per session.


Eye Movement Desensitisation 

Reprocessing Therapy.

Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR) is designed to diminish negative feelings associated with trauma. Treatment includes a hand motion technique to guide the eye movements from side to side. No one is quite sure how it works. One theory is that is moves the trauma from being stored in one side of the brain to being stored in both sides. In this way the event or events are still remembered but as an unpleasant memory rather than as if being re-lived. It is used to treat the symptoms of Post traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), anxiety, obsessions, habits and phobias.I work with children over 7 years of age, accompanied by a responsible adult. Those 16 years and under require a consent slip signed by a parent or guardian. It is not suitable for those with epilepsy, psychosis, or type 1 diabetes . If in doubt please consult your G.P.

Costs : £35 per session, if more than four sessions are required fees are charged at £25 per session.


Reflexology uses massage and other techniques to work pressure points on the feet which correspond to different areas of the body. In this way reflexology may be effective in promoting good health; preventing illness; and in relieving symptoms of stress, pain and illness.

Costs :- £35 for 60 minutes, includes foot spa and scrub.

If you have a serious health problem , please check your suitability for reflexology with your G.P.


Swedish Massage

Swedish massage uses a variety of techniques to release muscle tension. It aids good circulation and lymphatic drainage. It promotes both relaxation and a good nights sleep. I use blended aromatherapy oils which compliment the massage. Body powder is also available, it is beneficial to work tense or knotted muscles. 

Costs :- Back massage 30 mins £18, with heat lamp £23. Full body massage 60 minutes £30, with heat lamp £35.

Indian Head Massage

Indian head Massage uses acupressure massage on the head, face, neck and shoulders. it has been practised in India for over a thousand years. It promotes relaxation by releasing muscle tension, and improving circulation and lymphatic drainage. This is a seated massage and can be done over the clothes. Please bring an old T shirt. With or without use of blended aromatherapy oils.

Costs:- £20 for 35 minutes, £25 with heat lamp.

Music, Massage and Memories

This massage is especially designed to promote well being in those with memory loss or associated conditions . Enjoy music of your choice from your era along with a gentle massage.

Costs :- from £10 per 20 minute session if in block booking. Individual bookings £15.

If you have a serious health problem please check your suitability for massage with your G.P.


'Going Sane- Meditation and Mindfulness for Beginners'.  'Meditation is a practice of concentrated focus upon a sound, object, visualization, the breath,
movement, or attention itself in order to increase awareness of the present moment, reduce
stress, promote relaxation, and enhance personal and spiritual growth.'
( The many benefits of meditation may include:- feeling more alive, healthier and happier; improved sleep; a better appetite; greater tolerance; an increase in mental alertness and the ability to focus and cope.

Coming soon a 5 week course for groups or individuals. If you would like me to teach meditation in a school, company or retreat setting please get in touch.

Meditation is not suitable for those with psychosis or a serious mental health problem. If in doubt, check with your G.P.

Costs :- fees are payable for the full course, £39 per person in a small group setting. Individual tuition for the full course on a one to one basis £95 .

Guided Meditation - Memory Loss and Related Conditions.

Memory loss is often frustrating and a source of anxiety. Guided meditation often brings a sense of peace and relaxation, it can be written to suit the individual and delivered with or without music. Please check suitability with G.P.

Costs:- £25 per session for 40 minutes.


Weight Management 'Boot Camp'

Weight management 'Boot Camp' includes a detailed assessment to help you identify why you over eat; to recognise any saboteurs or feeders in your family or friendship groups; and to highlight any areas which act as stumbling blocks or keep you stuck. Although the title suggests otherwise, this is a very supportive way to manage your weight . I refer to management rather than loss because it is human nature to find something that is lost. If you have lost weight and found it again six months or a year later you may be able to relate to this. The 'Boot Camp' runs over a four month period. It may take 21 days to break a habit but it requires support and intervention over a longer period for that habit to stay broken and to establish new, healthier ways of eating. 'Boot Camp' includes bespoke hypnotherapy scripts written especially for you including the Hypnotherapy Gastric Band and also EMDR if appropriate. Some people have traumatic events associated with their over eating and EMDR is a highly effective way to reprocess trauma. 'Boot Camp' also includes advice on goal setting; telephone and email support; a choice of relaxing therapies such as massage or reflexology ( or further hypnotherapy sessions if you prefer); the establishment of 'replacement' and 'distraction' activities ; and tips on how to manage any anxiety or stress you may encounter in managing your weight.

Costs:- £320 includes 12 sessions for assessment/hypnotherapy/EMDR, 2 complementary therapies such as massage/reflexology, 4 sessions of support via phone calls, 4 emails, other resources and information booklets.

Please consult your GP if you have a serious health problem prior to starting any weight management or hypnotherapy.

Individual hypnotherapy or EMDR sessions for weight management are available. Cost:- £35 per session, if more than four sessions are required the cost is £25 per session.