Privacy Policy


In working with you I collect information about you so that I can provide you with a safe, efficient and effective service ( the delivery of a Complementary Therapy).


In doing so I follow four sets of rules as set down by General Data Protection Regulations ( GDPR) ; the ‘law of the land’, that is any current legislation about Safeguarding or ‘Duty of Care’ or responding to a Court Order or the issue of a Warrant for information; the professional body I am registered with, the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR); and my insurance company.


To clarify, I am a sole trader and the company name is Wellness Complementary Therapies.


I am not registered with the ICO, I completed their on-line assessment and the result was that I did not need to register.




I collect personal data from you in order to carry out the following :-


  • keep records, including your intake form and any notes, or printed out emails etc in hard copy, they are stored in a locked metal cabinet and kept for a period of seven years after which they are shredded and disposed of securely.


  • to inform the composition of scripts for hypnotherapy, NLP or EMDR ; or to establish a course of action for massage and reflexology ; or to inform a lesson plan for meditation and mindfulness. I do this to maximise the effectiveness of the therapy or lesson. In short, to deliver therapy or write a lesson plan.


  • to contact you make or reschedule an appointment or to contact you between sessions or classes if necessary.


  • to provide to with items you have bought.


Information Sharing and Confidentiality


In the main I am the only person who sees your records ie has access to your information and data. However there may be exceptions to this, mostly these are:-


  • if, with your consent, I share information to refer you on to another therapist or service.


  • if I have a ‘Duty of Care’ to protect you or others from a serious risk of harm.


  • if I have a legal requirement to share information because a Warrant has been issued or a Court Order made.


   * I may ask advice about my work with you during supervision. If I do your identity will be protected.


  • if your referral was made by your company or a charity who require feed back as part of their contract with us both, in which case this would be limited to very general terms ie the number of sessions attended and a brief description of engagement. It would not include any details of the content of sessions.


  • if you are attending a group session, for example a meditation class and you choose to share information with the class. All classes are set within a framework of confidentiality to myself and class members only. I cannot guarantee that class members will honour their pledge of confidentiality.


Your Rights


  • information - you have the right to information about how your data is used and stored. This privacy policy is written to fulfil that and is available on my website or in hard copy. How to access it, is also part of the Terms and Conditions on the intake form, which is also our contract. 


  • portability - you can ask me to send your information to someone else.


  • erasure or ‘the right to be forgotten’ - in some circumstances you can ask me to remove your details from my records.


  • rectification - if you think something is incorrect, you can ask me to change it.


  • right of access - you can have a copy of the information I keep. This will be provided within 30   days of the request, free of charge.


  • objection - in some circumstances, you can object to the way I process information  and you can ask me to stop using it in that way.


  • restricted processing - in some circumstances you can ask that I stop processing your information.


Sources of Information


In most circumstances the information I receive comes from you, either over the telephone or face to face. If you send information by email, I will print it out and it will become part of your record. Please be aware that sending information by email carries a security risk and if you use this method of communication you do so at your own risk. If you do not want me to send ‘information sheets or booklets’ by email please let me know. 

There are exceptions to you being the source of information, for example I may receive a referral from your company or from a charity. They are responsible for gaining your consent to send me information about you. When working with under 18 year olds, or vulnerable adults, some of this information may come from a parent or guardian or carer. If you are under 18 I ask a parent or guardian to sign the intake form which gives consent and is the contract. If you are under 13 years of age I may ask to see your Birth Certificate. If you are a vulnerable adult I may ask a parent or guardian or carer to sign the intake form.


I usually collect information or data as follows :-


  • your name and contact details and an ‘emergency contact’.


  • the name of your G.P. and contact details.


  • your medical history, if a serious condition is prevalent.


  • brief outline of your support networks.


  • if necessary, your hobbies and interests and information about your lifestyle


  • details or an outline of the issue you would like help with.


For those attending meditation and mindfulness classes or receiving a massage or reflexology treatment not all of the latter will apply.


Social Media


I do not accept clients past or present as Facebook friends.


I keep your work with me, including that you receive a service from me, confidential. However you can choose what you want to tell others and the means by which you do so. If you want to tell others you have received a positive service from me please do so. I ask that if you feel your experience with me was negative then please discuss that with me. Complimentary therapy is a bit like medicine, what suits one doesn’t suit all.


Thank you for reading this Privacy Policy. If you have any questions or queries please contact me, Kate Hope on :- 01947 897833 or by email :-