Frequently Asked Questions

Am I in control during hypnosis ?

Yes you are in control at all times. Many clients report feeling very empowered after hypnosis. You cannot be made to do anything against your will. Stage hypnotherapy is different. It filters participates and seeks out the 'party animals' who would be up on the stage 'clucking like a chicken' with or without hypnosis or a drink inside them! Any suggestions in a hypnotherapy script are agreed by you. Choose a hypnotherapist who belongs to a professional body such as the GNR and ask them about their training.

Is any information I give to Wellness Complementary Therapies confidential ?

Yes all information is kept in a locked metal filing cabinet, I keep records in hard copy and not on the computer. I only use your contact details to contact you Re appointments or in connection with a therapy session. I use any information you may share with me to inform my work with you or to write scripts. If I need any advice during supervision I refer to clients by false intials and take every care to protect identity. I don't share your information with third parties on a routine basis. I would only break confidentiality if you or an other was at serious risk of harm or if information was requested by warrant or a court order. I follow Safeguarding protocol for children and vulnerable adults in line with current legislation. Please be aware that although it is highly unlikely that any information sent by email could be accessed the risk is still there. I print out any emails that need to be added to a client notes and then delete the email. You send information of a confidential and personal nature by email at your own risk. For full details, please see Privacy Policy.